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3rd Division Lieutenant
3rd Division Lieutenant

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PostSubject: Mugen Complete   Mugen Complete Icon_minitimeSun 13 Feb 2011, 6:11 pm

Name :Mugen
Gender :Male
True Age : 3125
Visual Age : 25

Appearance :

Personality : Mugen is a very laid back care free individual, he never seems to take anything serious at all. While on the outside Mugen is very carefree on the inside he is constantly worrying about others. Mugen avoids fighting to the best of his ability's but he does understand that more often than not it is necessary to shed blood in order to succeed. Mugen is very quiet most of the time but will suggestion his opinion or take leadership in a dire situation in need be.

History : Life in Rukonga was fairly easy for Mugen, He was by no means born into an overly wealthy family just not a poor family either.... He was raised by his mother (His father was killed before he was born) who was a wandering Merchant she sold all kinds of goods to all kinds of people money was welcome even if the buyer or seller was shady... When Mugen was still a small boy his mother was robbed and killed by a mysterious man.. When he turned his blade over to Mugen Shinigami appeared and took care of the man with ease... They quickly realized that Mugen had mass amounts of Reiatsu And offered for him to come to the Shinigami academy.

A Prodigy was what Mugen was know as through out the academy quickly mastering melee combat and Kido...People were proud of him always being at the top of the class alway's being respectful.. He was very quiet though and didn't really have many friends.... The main reason he didn't have many friends was because they were jealous of him.. All the girls wanted to be with him and all the guys wanted to be him.. Kind of a hard situation to grow up.... Mugen didn't really care about that though he was more interested in becoming strong.. Mugen learned his Shikai in his second year at the Shinigami Academy.

After graduation Mugen Joined the 3rd Division and kinda remained hidden.. He was fairly lazy about work and often vanished away into the Library to read rather than to train and do things that the current Captain told him to do.. The current Captain was an old man on the brink of death and Mugen had no real care for him.. he was just another boss in Mugen's eyes.. The old man died a few years later and before he did he told Mugen that his power was infinite and that he could obtain anything as long as he focused on it... Mugen never knew his father and he assumed that the captain was probably the closest person he ever had to one... So there it was Mugen quickly began to train and do his duties in his own carefree style after 50 years he was strong enough to be a lieutenant... Getting promoted he asked to stay in the 3rd division with the new captain.. They gave him his request.. Mugen has recently obtained Bankai though no one is aware of it he trains in private with it mastering it slowly.. The reason he does not tell anyone of this is because he does not wish to be promoted to a captain. The reason to that is still a mystery.
Division : 3rd Division
Seat : Vice- Captain

Strengths : Mugen is always very calm while in battle and just about never loses his cool.
Weaknesses : While Mugen is very strong in most forms of combat he is also very lazy and does not put much effort into his fights.. Which often causes them to be prolonged..
Reiatsu Color : Redish

Zanpakutou Name : Blood edge (Chitansen)
Zanpakutou Command : Annihilate , Chitansen
Zanpakuto Sealed form : Mugen's Sword is unique due to it not having any type of sheath as it hangs from a hook on the back of his outfit...
Zanpakutou Spirit :Blood hound-
A ravenous dog that feeds on blood.. All it cares for and wishes for is blood shed While Mugen tries to resist these temptations, He is not always successful.
Inner World:
Is a bloody battlefield covered in thick fog.. It symbolizes what his Zanpakuto wishes to bring to the worlds.

Shikai Appearance :
It transforms one of his arms into a demonic claw.. the sword has no changes and remains.
Shikai Abilities : His transformed arm can tear through most defenses and has these 3 special abilities..
Demonic Grasp- When his Shikai is first activated it causes people in the area to be grasped by darkness reducing all enemy's speed in the area.
Demonic Touch- When His transformed arm strikes and opponent it rips away spiritual energy. the more consecutive strikes the more energy it steals away.
Demonic Embrace- Upon The demonic arm grabbing onto an enemy that enemy begins to lose Spiritual energy and Mugen begins to gain their lost Spiritual energy.
Vorpal slash- When his demonic hand comes into contact with his sword he can relase large amounts of negative Reiatsu. This negative Reiatsu drain's Reiatsu if it comes into contact with an enemy player.

Bankai Name: Blood tide..
Bankai Appearance: Mugen's sword disintegrates into a pool of blood that get's soaked into the earth.. His demonic arm remains unchanged.
Bankai Ability: The blood on the battlefield becomes absorbed by Mugen's demonic arm.. The more blood there is the more power he obtains... The power increases are all around Strength Willpower Stamina speed.. While in this Form He can still use his shikai ability's their power is increased based upon how much blood he has absorbed. The downside to this form is that he loses all control and turns into a blood thirsty animal.. With time that will go away he has obtained Bankai but he rarely uses it out of the fear of being promoted to a Captain.

Race: Shinigami
Other Things: Most commonly can find him reading books on war strategy..

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El Rey Espada
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PostSubject: Re: Mugen Complete   Mugen Complete Icon_minitimeSun 13 Feb 2011, 6:58 pm

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Mugen Complete
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