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 Dante Strife

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Dante Strife
1st Division Lieutenant
1st Division Lieutenant

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PostSubject: Dante Strife   Thu 17 Feb 2011, 10:52 am

Name : Dante Strife
Gender : Male
Surface Age :25
Visual Age :2000
Appearance :

Personality : Cool Calm collected. likes to hang out with rest of squad. strong compassionate.

History : Joined the Academy like any other Shinigami. showed great skills. Captain Commander Ðracoss took him under his wing trained him. Dante Later Became The Vice-Captain of Squad 1
Division : Squad 1
Seat : Vice-Captain

Strengths :
Weaknesses :
Reiatsu Color : Black With a white outline

Zanpakutou Name : Kumori
Zanpakutou Command : Phase Kumori
Zanpakutou Spirit :

Zanpakutou Sealed form:

Inner World:

Shikai Appearance : Same as sealed form but has shadows around it always
Shikai Abilities : able to create shadow bolts from sword. and pillars and cages of shadows around the oppentant. can move throught the shadows

Bankai Name : Akuma Kumori
Bankai Appearance :

Bankai Abilities : Dante now fights with fists and tonfa like blades on forearms. he is in a shadow state. but can main tain it always must revert into now shadow form for skills. shadow form is a physical attack from. speed increases majorly and so does strength. he can travel throught shadows only if caught in the shadow prison. can fire more powerful bolts

Other Things: Dante has great respect for the Captain Commander. because he always show repescts him.
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Ðracoss Ðragonheart

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PostSubject: Re: Dante Strife   Thu 17 Feb 2011, 10:53 am

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Dante Strife
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