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  Tieral App.

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7th Division Captain

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PostSubject: Tieral App.   Sun 20 Feb 2011, 8:04 am

Name :Tieral last name never given
Gender :Male
Surface Age : 200
Visual Age :20

Appearance : :

Personality :Tieral is a reather quiet man he keep to himself alot while he is working he is a hard person to understand being around, caring for people he knows, shows very little fear he had to show that for his quiet and nice guy mantiolity and show he is not a pushover but if you show Tieral if you can trust him he will show you nothing but repect and caring ness so he will be like a brother or farther if your treat him the right, he has the tenedciy to face plam at times he fines stupid and he enjoy his tea mostly in the morning Tieral likes to keep flours around him in his room for it helps him relax when he feel like he cant trust or does not feel comfurable with people he does not talk much aobut his porblems or people porblems he will never speak to them with just anyone. Tieral also grows his own plants, spices and teas he had been known to sell them every once and a while in case he need extra money aside form that he keeps the plants in the area of squad 7.

History : Tieral is a man with a reather hidden past it said that most people who ask are like they even to get it written down on paper the only thing he will explain is how he became a mute, Terial had control and mocking iusses with in the past around people he hid all his problems and which he made him reather scared around people but is he not as much as was for he knows how to control it that was events in his school age the one story people know about that Tieral did not enjoy have spended aorund is how he bcame a mute it was while he was walking in the woods alone at the age of 12 in the woods he was paying attention to were he was going and while he bumped into something it was a demon one that lived alone and sleeps all day when Tieral ran into the demon the demon woke up and was mad the demon choose to spare Tieral death but he instad took his voice so he could never talk again and since then Terial has had to manage to work with people with out his voice and learn his abiltys with it as well. Tieral around the age of 15 started learning that he could work with trees reather to thep oint of bening and making plant work with him reather well he slowly mastered his abiltys and to this day he takes up his seat in Squad 7 as Captain.
Division : Squad 7
Seat :Captain

Strengths : Tieral only can use already planted plants to his will and malpuate them to anything he wants or needs and a very good close range fighter and has the power to pass though trees
Weaknesses : he does not grow them himself unless he has to he does not carry seeds with him at all, and could lose again reather leng renge people
Reiatsu Color : Green

Zanpakutou Name : The will of the Trees
Zanpakutou Command : Power of the plants come to me.
Zanpakutou Spirit : A very old Tree in the center of the spirit world
Zanpakutou Sealed form:
Inner World: Great Forest.

Shikai Appearance : there are vines and roots going down the handle. they hang off a little off the end.
Shikai Abilities : enchanced strength physical fighting abilities. has some nature manipulation powers. but mostly physical strikes
Bankai Name : Binds of the wise
Bankai Appearance : Same as Shikai but the roots become more noticeable and longer at the end of the handle, blade appers to have root inside if it.
Bankai Abilities: when he uses this abilty he will turn the blade of his sword upside down and let slowly the sword its self will disapper while that happends Tieral will slowly his hands then slowly bring them back up and close them together forwards once done the roots travel from the ground and wrap the persons arms out and legs in place leaveing them open to an attack can bend trees and different plants to his will providing things like cover special attacks and if needed small healing.

Race: Shinigami
Other Things: Tieral is a mute (explained in his story) aside form that Tieral stands reather tall and is a left haneded person he had also been known to be able to wait long periods of time with out being annoyied to buged at all, he would perfur if people in his Squad want to talk him they wait intill he has some one who can be his voice for him for it is harder to commuintate with your members as a mute. Tieral is Left handed the best of his fihting abiltys is with his left hand but he will fight people with his right hand to be fair with them.

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3rd Division Captain
3rd Division Captain

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PostSubject: Re: Tieral App.   Sun 20 Feb 2011, 12:34 pm

You're approveable, however I have a couple of suggestions.

The eleventh Division is all about brute force and their Zanpakutou tend to be melee types where as yours is an elemental. Also, your characters seems very kind hearted and softer than what the eleventh division Captain should be. I'd recommend the 7th or 8th Divisions for your character. You can check this link to see what all of the Divisions are like and make your own decision. I know you chose the eleventh division because somebody recommended it to you so check these out and make your decision. Keep in mind this is only a suggestion and you can do whatever you want.


On to my second suggestion. I like the ability to grow plants and such things, but you could do a lot more with it. For instance you could give these plants Kido based abilities, such as poison or Reiryoku (Spirit Energy) Draining qualities. Again, its up to you what to do. If you can't think of other abilities to add then just up the scale on what your Zanpakutou can do. A few twigs won't get you far in the world of bleach.

Bankai is also something that increases your power ten fold and are normally massive. For instance, by usual cloud based ability becomes a massive storm. Perhaps you could grow a forest or something. Just some suggestions for you since you told me you don't know much about Bleach.

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7th Division Captain

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PostSubject: Re: Tieral App.   Sun 20 Feb 2011, 12:52 pm

Hmmm.... i like your idea i might go for the 7th divsation.

and Tieral's Bankai is ment to look weak because i dont like having you know big huge flashy abiltys and stuff like that because i made Tieral with in the type i dont wanna use a lot of abiltys to fight people all i would need is my Sword/Wristblades i do like your idea for the poisins and stuff but since i dont know much aoubt this i wnet with what was reather easy so being melee based is something that came easier and since i ampeaceful i thought why not be able to disarm some one? i know it might not do much but if you wanna try and type out some idea you have i will take a look at them but i mostly am melee based so i am not confused.
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Ðracoss Ðragonheart
Ðracoss Ðragonheart

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PostSubject: Re: Tieral App.   Sat 26 Feb 2011, 1:46 pm

nice changes. Approved welcome 7th divison captain XD
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PostSubject: Re: Tieral App.   

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Tieral App.
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