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 Army Searching

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Death The Kid

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PostSubject: Army Searching   Sun 13 Mar 2011, 6:07 pm

::Zeram had spent Five year in Hueco Mundo after that event that had took place in the Soul Society. Zeram had looked at the outside of the Hollow Nest, and saw flying hollows swam around it. Zeram had walked calm walking past the flying hollows. He had a task to find certain hollows that had the potential in joining his army. The hollows started to follow him as they sealed the entrance Zeram kept walking forward not stoping for them. He stoped walking once he made it to the center of the nest. Several hollows jumped from the shadows to pounce on Zeram. The hollows would notice that Zeram was on a different scale of power, his reitasu clashed with the whole hollows in the nest reiatsu. His spiritual pressure high had crushed the several hollows and rushed to the area. The hollows with an expection for few were sent crashing to the ground. He looked around to see the ones that were barely holding their own. Those would be his targets, Zeram had readied himself untill he heard a noise nearby and felt the spiritual pressure of another. This time this one was far stronger than the hollows.::
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shiro shikon
El Rey Espada
El Rey Espada
shiro shikon

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PostSubject: Re: Army Searching   Sun 13 Mar 2011, 11:11 pm

shiro came out of the area and landed when he did all of the hollows stoped and bowed down to him he was the master of all hollows and all feared him he walked up to this shinigami and said first thing you did wrong was to become a shinigami second was to come to hueco mundo and third was to hurt my children shiro pointed at the hollows you got big balls doing what you just did
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Tartarax Plancha
Tartarax Plancha

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PostSubject: Re: Army Searching   Wed 20 Apr 2011, 10:30 pm

Tartarax was following the el rey espada to a nest of hollows and watched shiro walk up to a shinigami."hmph, this might be a good battle"tartarax muttered as he rested on a nearby wall to see how the battle would turn out not letting his prescence be known to either of them."master tartarax"a voice came from behind tartarax, it was tartaraxs only fraccion kidoumaru. Tartarax turned to his fracciona and shooshed him as he pointed to shiro and the shinigami.
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PostSubject: Re: Army Searching   

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Army Searching
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