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 Sina komonako

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PostSubject: Sina komonako   Sina komonako Icon_minitimeThu 31 Mar 2011, 12:49 am

Name :sina komatoko
Gender :female
Surface Age :(how old you look) 12
Visual Age :(how old you are) 115

Appearance : pretty shoulder length white hair slim but small shape with pretty golden eyes with a strange brown tint to them

Personality :sweet,kind,caring,but mostly towards her freinds is very brave and always keeps her promises,but is so courios about things it makes her look silly (her nick name is silly sina.) she never calls any body by rank just there name.shes always so bright!

History : her parents were murderd when she was 5,but she doesnt like to talk about it/ other than that she cant remember.
Division :11
Seat : captain

Strengths :light, speed,agility,and plain power
Weaknesses :her freinds she cant stand to see them hurt
Reiatsu Color : light golden,with some silver in it

Zanpakutou Name :starlinto (aka starlight)
Zanpakutou Command :shine over the skys set light sarlinto! or shine starlinto and raze the skys!
Zanpakutou Spirit :(Also tell us their inner world) a light golden and white giant or small wolf,its inner world the sky and forest.
Zanpakutou Sealed form:a shining sowrd with suns and stars on it
Inner World:the forest

Shikai Appearance :a pretty wolf
Shikai Abilities :the blast with its sunny and stary light

Bankai Name :starlinto
Bankai Appearance :a wolf and light
Bankai Abilities :to harm anything with its light

Race:soul reaper
Other Things:[u]


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rei shi

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PostSubject: Re: Sina komonako   Sina komonako Icon_minitimeWed 06 Apr 2011, 8:50 am

approved but if you dont mind in the future some time could you make your app more detailed please
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3rd Division Captain
3rd Division Captain

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PostSubject: Re: Sina komonako   Sina komonako Icon_minitimeMon 11 Apr 2011, 9:16 am

I'm recommending that you choose a different squad. Squad 11 normally doesn't have a Captain with a Kidou type Zanpakutou

Sina komonako 2ptpkj8
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PostSubject: Re: Sina komonako   Sina komonako Icon_minitime

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Sina komonako
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