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 Onii-Onii (4th Squad)

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PostSubject: Onii-Onii (4th Squad)   Onii-Onii (4th Squad) Icon_minitimeFri 08 Apr 2011, 12:23 am

Name :Onii-Onii
Gender : Male
Surface Age : 4
Visual Age : 1,524 years Of Age

Appearance : Onii-Onii (4th Squad) Crying%20child

Personality : Onii-Onii is very little but optimistic, he always looks on the brighter side even in a bad situation. He hates pondering on bad things. He loves candy, being picked up, & naping.

History : Suu life though short was filled with chaos, violence & shouting. His parents always had a bad temper with each other & often ended up fighting, sometimesi nfront of Onii-Onii. But they loved him unconditionally regardless of how they acted they made sure their child got what he needed. But they were at each other's necks the moment Onii-Onii was taken care of. Onii-Onii was abruptly awoken from his slumber on the floor with droll & all, in a dark room. He waddled up & made his way out of his crib into his parents room. His mother was naked & so was his dad but there was blood & alot of it. Onii-Onii tugged on his dadd'y arm & it fell limp dropping a gun onto Onii-Onii's head. He cried for a few momens but found please in the blood dripping from his father's hand & he played in the puddle of his father blood. Onii-Onii was completly oblivious to the real reason his parents died. A few hours later he was found covered in blood by his grandparen't who took him in. They couldn't handle Onii thought he was too wild like his parent's constant fighting kept him at from yelling, & one day Onii-Onii threw a fit at the wrong place. His grandmother was driving & she tried to keep him from crying & destroying anything he could get his hands on & WHAM! her small car crashed into the back of an 18 wheeler killing them both instantly.

Division :4th Division

Seat : Captain

Strengths : His short stature (4' 3"), His Intellegence, & Use Of Rehei
Weaknesses : His short reach, his smart mouth in some cases
Reiatsu Color : Pale White

Zanpakutou Name : Crepuscule
Zanpakutou Command : Fill My Heart, Crepuscule
Zanpakutou Spirit : Onii-Onii (4th Squad) RockGolem

Zanpakutou Sealed form: Onii-Onii (4th Squad) Tattered_Teddy_Bear_by_metallixfaker

Inner World: The Spirit is the Inner Realm, his body is massive & if he is materialized his mask only appears.

Shikai Appearance : Onii-Onii's body drops to the floor & as his body drops when the doll hits the ground it opens a portal sucking in the body, Onii-Onii re-appears on the ground with his eye's rolled to the back of his head & his teddy comes out adorable.

Shikai Abilities : The Doll can walk independantly & on it's own. Onii-Onii's body is being controlled telepathically from the Doll. The doll contains Onii-Onii's mind.
Ability 1
Corrupt Beam~ The Doll Opens his mouth, & pale white beam comparable to a cero but much bigger & powerful. The beam can curve one time in an attempt to hit it's target. Onii-Onii's body can shoot the same beams from the tips of his fingers.

Ability 2
Barrier Of Hope~ The Doll pats it's belly & as heats it up, a high-pitched sounds is emitted deafining anyone within rage. It also creates a barrier blocking most attacks, The Doll can heal someone inside the barrier or cause it to implode from the inside. Onii-Onii's body can only cause it to explode.

Ability3 -Passive
Onii-Onii's body cannont use kido or shunpo but it's & speed is greatly increased & Any swing it does will cause a massive (limb used) of darkness to entend & attack as well up to 10 feet extra length.

Bankai Name : Bankai! Holy Lost Crepuscule
Bankai Appearance : Onii-Onii's head begins to turn & it falls off, then his body dis-assembles falling apart. The doll hit the ground last & a massive explosion happens & a beam of bright pale white light glooms with darkness encircling it. Revealing an Onii-Onii with the horns of a Devil, A Halo, One White, One Black Wing & His Body is completly pale white. His doll appears & it is in cute form but it's eyes are red & it's body is soaked in red blood.

Bankai Abilities :
Ability One~
Wave: A massive 30 foot wave of darkness grows behind Onii-Onii & it slams down & dosent drain completly covering the battle field. Should someone get engulfed in the darkness it will begin eating away at there body causing massive pain.

Ability Two
Eaten ALive~ The Doll's body parts are highly nutritios & can give a wekaned allie massive amounts of strength & reiastu back. The head is the most potent & gives them ost back the legs give the least. If the body should be devored it will implode on the inside & reform from darkness anti-matter into a new toy.

Ability Three~
All Is Lost~ Onii-Onii's body & wings fall of & the ground violently begins to shake, His halo grows large & envelops Onii then his horns purge the halo, causing a silent wave of Dark Holy Power is released, causing anything with-in a 100 mile radius to be purified & healed but causing anything Onii-Onii was focusing on to be hit with pure potent power causing massive damage & dicentigrating there body if hit. Onii-Onii's last bit of surviving darkness catches Onii- & reverts him back to normal form, wit hhim sleeping on his teddy bear tummy.

Race: Dutch, Canadien, & American

Other Things: Hope this isn't much, Onii-Onii is also a master of Reihei (4th's healing Kido) & knows soul society's underground very well.
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PostSubject: Re: Onii-Onii (4th Squad)   Onii-Onii (4th Squad) Icon_minitimeSun 10 Apr 2011, 7:28 pm

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Onii-Onii (4th Squad)
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