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 Tartaraxs Fraccion (Kidoumaru Arácnido)

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Tartarax Plancha
Tartarax Plancha

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Tartaraxs Fraccion (Kidoumaru Arácnido) Empty
PostSubject: Tartaraxs Fraccion (Kidoumaru Arácnido)   Tartaraxs Fraccion (Kidoumaru Arácnido) Icon_minitimeFri 08 Apr 2011, 9:15 pm

Tartaraxs Fraccion
Name : Kidoumaru Arácnido
Gender : male
Surface Age : 500
Visual Age : 25

Appearance: Tartaraxs Fraccion (Kidoumaru Arácnido) Kidoumaru_the_Arrancar_by_zojo227
he has 6 arms and carrys four zanpaktos

Personality :he has a sadistic nature and only listens to tartarax, he will kill anything that gets in his way.

History : most of it is unkown, but his life was changed when he met tartarax. He was a lowly hollow who fought for everything until he challenged tartarax to a battle and tried to take on him not knowing he was an espada, kidoumaru was defeated in a matter of seconds and was amazed by tartaraxs power and wanted to achieve that same power so kidoumaru pledged alleigence to tartarax, and then was made tartaraxs only fraccion.

Reiatsu Color: dark orange
Tattoo Location : none
Aspect of Death : none

Clan :
Rank :

Resurreccion Information

Zanpakutou Name : demonio araña
Zanpakutou Command : entangle
Zanpakutou Sealed form: Tartaraxs Fraccion (Kidoumaru Arácnido) Katana2_thumbnail1.jpgf6abf383-dd96-4902-b4da-88e184ce0bb8Large
he carrys four of these because of his six arms, only difference is that the hilts are a spider web shape

Resurrecion Appearance : Tartaraxs Fraccion (Kidoumaru Arácnido) PZO9015-CutlassSpiderGolem
Resurrecion Abilities : he can spit out an acidic web that can burn through most metals, and he can create massive webs that entangle his opponet.

Resurreccion Segunda Etapa

(Its only if you want to use it)

Resurreccion Segunda Etapa Appearance :
Resurreccion Segunda Etapa Abilities:

Other things:Like other things that you didn't say
Specialty: this character is going to be a cpu one for my espada, hes going to be his only fraccion
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rei shi
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rei shi

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Tartaraxs Fraccion (Kidoumaru Arácnido) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tartaraxs Fraccion (Kidoumaru Arácnido)   Tartaraxs Fraccion (Kidoumaru Arácnido) Icon_minitimeSun 10 Apr 2011, 6:45 pm

approved but this is bare minimum so please add to it
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Tartaraxs Fraccion (Kidoumaru Arácnido)
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