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 Shin Karasu (2nd division captain)

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Shin Karasu (2nd division captain) Empty
PostSubject: Shin Karasu (2nd division captain)   Shin Karasu (2nd division captain) Icon_minitimeMon 25 Apr 2011, 2:37 am

Name : Shin Karasu
Gender : male
Surface Age : 1400
Visual Age : 25

Appearance: Shin Karasu (2nd division captain) Softimage_sega_shinobi
his captain haori resembles kenpachis, he also wears a long red scarf that hides his face. His wrist bards are primarily for assassination, the bands have knifes on them that shin uses for projectiles. He also has these goggles made for him to see his target miles away. He does not wear a normal shinigami robe the only thing he wears that makes him look like a shinigami is his captain haori. Under his ninja clothes his body is littered with scars from missions of killing hollows and taking care of loose ends in the 13 court guard squads such as rogue shinigamis and vizards.

Personality: Shin is a very silent person who keeps to himself. The only time he talks is when he has something to say which is very rarely.

History: Shin was born in kyoto japan where he was born into a life of assassins. His life was full of training and seclusion from the outer world. After 20 years of training he was prepared to kill his first target. The assassination went flawlessly but the person shin assassinated was a member of a mob famioy that had connections. The mob family set a hit on shin that went horribly wrong, the mob sent 20 hitman to take care of shin only one made it back to the mob to relay a message he came back missing an arm. Shin was on the run for 5 years from the mob and now even his own family which werent pleased because of his retreat from the family and went on the run. Shin was finaly killed in an epic battle that cost the mob and his own family a number of lives. After his death he found himself stairing eye to eye with a shinigami who watched his battle and thought he was a suitable replacement for him as captain. After many years with the captain training with him every day killing many hollows and serving the 2nd squad. At the death bed of the captain he pulled shin to his side and told him in his final breaths that he will be the next captain.

Division : 2nd
Seat : Captain

Strengths : speed and strength
Weaknesses : most kidou
Reiatsu Color : dark red

Zanpakutou Name : gaidoku hebi (poison serpent)

Zanpakutou Command : Strike

Zanpakutou Spirit : Shin Karasu (2nd division captain) Cobra_Demon_by_shweebie

Zanpakutou Sealed form: Shin Karasu (2nd division captain) Musashi_White_Zetsurin_Sword

Inner World: Shin Karasu (2nd division captain) IMG_1321

Shikai Appearance:
Shin Karasu (2nd division captain) Ninja_assassin_knife

Shikai Abilities: with the chain attached to the knife shin canhave the blade strike at long distances taking out his targets in a stealthful fashion. The blade has a neuratoxin imbedded in it so any part it stabs injects the target with a paralytic poison that stuns the target that is hit with the knife, the only one immune to the poison is shin himself.

Bankai Name: soudai dokudokushii hebi (grand venomous serpent)

Bankai Appearance: Shin Karasu (2nd division captain) 7-5

Bankai Abilities: When shin summons his bankai his sword becomes a halberd like spear. In this form the spear can stretch at long ranges and twist around. The blade at the end is the same as his shikai that is coated with the neurotoxin. When shin stabs his bankai in the ground he can summon mutiple serpents from the blade. Thes serpents can be used for stealth missions for his targets.

Race: japanese
Other Things: This is Tartarax here, i decided to make an alt. I saw squad 2 open so i made a shinigami.
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Shin Karasu (2nd division captain) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shin Karasu (2nd division captain)   Shin Karasu (2nd division captain) Icon_minitimeMon 25 Apr 2011, 8:34 pm

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Shin Karasu (2nd division captain)
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