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 Having a hell of a time

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PostSubject: Having a hell of a time    Sat 11 Dec 2010, 11:27 am

Grimmjoe was walking when he saw 300 hundred menos grande grimmjoe stop and smiled '' Oh hell yeah'' He stick out his hand out ''Gran Rey Cero'' He shot his cero killing half of the menos grande then grimmjoe dashed into one and punched it so hard it was pushing it to a bunch of of them then grimmjoe took out his zanpactoe and dashed he was already in back of them he put the sword away and the menos grande where cut in half '' 56 to go '' Grimmjoe then grab a menos grande and swing it at the others the pointy noise crack through there mask killing them then grimmjoe let it go then he jump in the air so hi and he came rocketing back down like a meteor ''Cannon ball '' when he landed the wave pushed them all away killing them with wave pushing there flesh one lair to another grimmjoe stand up and he saw all of them dead '' Boring ''
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shiro shikon
El Rey Espada
El Rey Espada
shiro shikon

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PostSubject: Re: Having a hell of a time    Tue 28 Dec 2010, 9:35 pm

shiro was walking by when he say grimmjoe doing this he laughed and said hey is there room for two?
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Having a hell of a time
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