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 shiro shi (rey espada)

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shiro shikon
El Rey Espada
El Rey Espada
shiro shikon

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PostSubject: shiro shi (rey espada)   shiro shi (rey espada) Icon_minitimeTue 28 Dec 2010, 9:29 pm

Name : shiro shikon
Gender : male
Surface Age :3500
Visual Age : 18
Aspect of death: Loneliness

Appearance ::shiro shi (rey espada) Images16

shiro's eyes are crimson red, his forehead is covered with his mask shiro does not wear he espada uniform

Personality : smart, loves women, a fun type of guy he is evil but because of his shinigami side he is also good its a battle in his body between them both and when it comes to fighting he is completly focused and he is a master in plans and attacking strategy

History : shiro was originally a shinigami for 1500 year he was very stong his zanpakuto was the only one that had the power of fire shiro was almost a captain when he was sent on a special mission into the hollow world to spy on the espada shiro accidently feel down into the forest of hollows he then was over run by 50 menios grandes and was eaten but something happened when he was eaten he transformed and obsorbed all of the menios grandes that attacked him. he then transformed into a arrancar his power was so great because his shinigami power was also there but his holllow power made him more like a arrancar than shinigami he is evil but he has good inside of him and so for the past 2000 years shiro has been training so he could one day destory soul society for sending him on a death mission
Reiatsu Color: crimson red
Clan: espada
Rank : lord espada

Resurreccion Information

Zanpakutou Name : Dio's Phoenix
Zanpakutou Command : come down from the heavens
Zanpakutou Sealed form:shiro shi (rey espada) 1510

Resurrecion Appearance : in this form shiro's muscular system grows 2x his skin turns white he grows to 6 ft and his nails grow to 2 inchs you cannot see his face in this form because it is hidden by a hollow mask crimson lines go all over his body and glow including his mask which covers his whole head his mask looks like inichigo's mask but different in the way of the form of the mask
Resurrecion Abilities : shiro has the ability to manipulate, and control Fire and create cero's and balas in all forms his strength is majorally increased as well

Resurreccion Segunda Etapa

(Its only if you want to use it)

Resurreccion Segunda Etapa Appearance :

shiro shi (rey espada) Ichigo10

Resurreccion Segunda Etapa Abilities: his power is inhanced 6x and his power is so much larger

Other things:Like other things that you didn't say
Specialty: shiro has the ability of a shinigami and a arrancar you could almost say he is a hybrid
aspect of death: Emptiness
number: is located on his left shoulder

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Ðracoss Ðragonheart
Ðracoss Ðragonheart

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PostSubject: Re: shiro shi (rey espada)   shiro shi (rey espada) Icon_minitimeSat 12 Feb 2011, 4:30 pm

approved lol duh
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3rd Division Captain
3rd Division Captain

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PostSubject: Re: shiro shi (rey espada)   shiro shi (rey espada) Icon_minitimeWed 16 Feb 2011, 4:17 pm

Please add your Tattoo location if you have one... Not sure if the Rey Espada has a tattoo or not.

Also add your Aspect of Death. Look it up on bleach wiki if you don't know what it is.

shiro shi (rey espada) 2ptpkj8
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shiro shi (rey espada) Empty
PostSubject: Re: shiro shi (rey espada)   shiro shi (rey espada) Icon_minitime

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shiro shi (rey espada)
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